About company

Company NIKOTEX LLC is one of the largest manufacturers of non-woven materials in Ukraine.

Technologies, used in our enterprise, allow to produce the following types of non-woven materials with the necessary technical and consumer properties for use in various fields of production:


- ПНС – (ТУ У 17.5-13842002-012:2007 Non-woven synthetic fabrics specifications) synthetic nonwoven needle-punched fabric, with surface density from 70 to 1200 g/m², with width of up to 5 meters with a wide range of operational properties and parameters set by the user in white, black, gray, brown and mixed colors. Our equipment allows us to produce needle- punched material as heat treated, and without it, thermal as one or both sides;


- FELTEX – (ТУ У 13.9-39093328-001:2014 Non-woven fabric specifications) needle-punched material comprising from recycled polyester fibers and regenerated fibers of wool, acryl, cotton, with surface density from 300 to 1000 g/m², with width of up to 4,5 meters.


The main areas of application of materials of our production are the automotive, construction, linoleum, footwear, furniture and light industry, filtering and isolation.

The use of high-quality fibers, high-tech equipment and many years of experience are an important and decisive aspect of quality of the materials of NIKOTEX LLC and, as a result, guarantee greater durability and further using and processing.

In this case, the distinguishing feature of our nonwovens is to achieve high levels of the most popular features at a significantly minimize material costs.

The presence on the base of company of laboratory provides a strict control over the compliance of quality indicators of the produced nonwovens the data presented in the technical specifications and quality passport.

Our company and our manufactured non-woven fabrics have earned the trust and respect of manufacturers not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. Construction of stadiums, airports, highways, parks, landfills and other construction projects, cooperation with major domestic and foreign manufacturers of linoleum, mattresses, furniture, components for the automotive industry is the result of professionalism, flexibility and quality service.

NIKOTEX LLC guarantees the quality and integrity, and invites you to mutually beneficial cooperation, which will provide you with the opportunity to purchase high quality products with the required specifications at competitive prices and in the shortest possible time.